Saturday, July 5, 2014

A Fun Fourth!

This year we hit the road to go to Houston for the 4th. We got to see Uncle Burke, Auntie Stace and our girl cousins Marin and Hollis. So much fun now that the kids are getting older. There was a definite big cousin thing going on between Kate and Marin and Hollis that was so special to see. I knew that Carso had a special place in his heart for Marin when he gave her the tootsie roll (his most favorite candy)  he caught in the town parade (which by the way was the longest parade I have ever seen).

Only slightly better picture taking success this summer.

Slightly better. Meaning 2 out of 4 are actually looking at the camera.

Cousin friends.

I love this one!

Our parade crew.

My wonderful sister in law Stacey.

Love my patriotic boy. He was so excited for the parade. And he definitely got his times worth. Everytime we thought it was over Burke would look down the street and say, "Youre not going to believe it but here comes something else!"

My beauty. My sister in law takes a lot of close ups. She's so smart.  They really are one of the best shots of kids. This one makes me want her to stay 6 forever. :)

Loved seeing these girls together. Holding hands, looking out for each other:)

Real life.

Auntie Stace french braided her hair in the morning and she was so proud of it. She wouldnt let me take it out no matter what:)

Love this guy!

Two beautiful sisters.

My favorite part of the parade.

There's something I love about watching my brothers with their kids. It is so sweet to me.

Uncle Sam!

Me and my Bro.

Real life. Check out the sucker.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Catching Up

We are always seeing bunnies in our yard. On Wednesday the kids happened upon 4 baby bunnies that had been washed away from their nest by the recent storms. We tried to dry them off and put them in a box away from the water but they didnt't make it. I don't hide things like this from my kids. We said a prayer over them and Carso was still lamenting them when Kate said , "i'm hungry!" 2 different personalities for sure.

Painting outside is one of Kate's favorite things to do

Mom got painted on the patio or WOW depending on which side you are on

Carso always wants to go outside after we get home to kick the soccer ball or football. He just recently started coach pitch baseball.

My favorite

A BIG catch!

Serious Carso

Saturday, June 14, 2014

First and Last Day Pics

First Day of Kindergarten

Last Day of Kindergarten

First Day of Pre K

Last Day of Pre K

Carso Graduates!...from Pre K

He looks so much older in this picture. It makes me kind of sad.

Carso and his buddies.

Striking a sort of Nixonesque pose. Graduation victory!

Marching into pomp and circumstance.

He delivered a great performance and only got sidetracked once or twice:)

Love this one.

She is so proud of him

Me and my Beautiful boy

The Three Amigos

Kindergarten Kate No More!

Last Thursday Kate had her Kindergarten awards ceremony. It was pretty great...of course. My daughter is an incredibly awesome little girl. She has absolutely LOVED kindergarten. Kate absolutely adored school and her teachers. There was not one day this year when she didn't want to go to school. Kate was one of 3 students in all of kindergarten who received the perfect attendance award. That was such a great symbol of her year because everyday that those doors were open...she wanted to be there.

Um yeah she spotted me. :)

She's so SHY.


With her beloved Ms. H receiving her Kindergarten award.

The whole crew.

My beauty at her desk.

Ms. H handing out her personal award.

I am secretly hoping that Ms. H will move up to the first grade but I don't think that will be happening. I can only hope that Kate will have a similar teacher experience. I'm already praying for this.

This was her personal award given by Ms. H. She is always giving hugs to her classmates. In fact as Ms. Hutchinson was giving out these awards Kate hugged each classmate as they made their way back their seat:)

Last day of school. Flowers for Ms. H

God has said, "Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you." So we say with confidence, "The Lord is my helper. I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?" Hebrews 13:5-6